Information Governance

Dimensions Group has a ‘Caldicott Guardian’

This person is responsible for making sure that Dimensions uses information about people legally and appropriately, and that we maintain confidentiality.

This includes personal information about people we support, their relatives and people who work for us.

As well as making sure that any systems and processes we use to store information about people are secure, the Caldicott Guardian also helps to ensure that the right arrangements are in place if we need to share information with other organisations, such as those responsible for social care and safeguarding.

The reason this role is called a ‘Caldicott Guardian’ is because the person who wrote a report about how health and related organisations should use personal information is called Dame Fiona Caldicott.

The Caldicott Guardian for the Dimensions Group is Jackie Fletcher.

Jackie helps to decide when confidential information might be used, and when it should not, by following what are called the seven ‘Caldicott Principles’. These are:

  • Justify the purpose of using or transferring personal information
  • Don’t use personal confidential information unless absolutely necessary
  • Use the minimum necessary personal confidential information
  • Access to personal confidential information should be on a need to know basis
  • Everyone with access to personal confidential information should be aware of their responsibilities
  • Comply with the law
  • The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect confidentiality

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