Our values

Because of who we work with and the model of support we provide, everyone connected with Waymarks should be behaving in a way that is…

  • Trustworthy – people we work alongside, their families, and people we employ and people we work with can trust us. We spend the money we receive in the best way we can. We are a trusted partner for other organisations.
  • Transparent – it is important we are very open with each other and with people who are interested in what we do. But we will not talk about someone we work with to people who do not need to know. We will be open with people we collaborate with and people who pay for what we do.
  • Focused on individuality and not judging people – everyone we work with is different, with their own history, experience and approach. The people we employ are different and unique.
  • Rights-based – everyone has the same rights as other people, in particular human rights.
  • Always supporting aspiration and opportunity – we want to do the best we can and support people to have the chance to use their talents, skills and abilities. We also want to support the people we employ to use their talents, skills and abilities. We hope people want to work with us for a long time but we also want people to move to new places and do new things.
  • Having ‘stickability’ – we will not give up on someone but will change our approach if we need to. The people we work alongside have a strong voice in shaping the support they receive and what will work for them.

Our vision

‘To promote an inclusive society where people have equal chances to live the life they choose.’

We want to be part of a strong network of people and organisations who can demonstrate the right support for a person makes all the difference.

Our mission

‘Supporting safe living.’

We support people to have new opportunities and experiences that lead to change.

As part of the Dimensions UK Group, Waymarks fully supports and works to demonstrate the group values at all times in how we work and how we behave. These values are extremely important to us.

  • Ambition – we seek to help people reach their potential.
  • Respect – we show people respect and recognise that their unique contribution adds value to all.
  • Courage – we are guided by the courage of our convictions to make a difference.
  • Integrity – we ensure that what we do is grounded in what we believe.
  • Partnership – we work with others to achieve more for people.