What we do

Waymarks helps people with learning disabilities or autism, and complex histories or risky behaviours, to change their lives. Working alongside other agencies and within the Transforming Care agenda, Waymarks supports people out of care or hospital, helping them build their ambition to thrive in their own home and in their local community.

When we start to work with people it might be the first time they have lived in their own home. We really get to know them and agree with them how they want their lives to change. It is really important we do not support people forever and we see it as a real success when someone no longer needs the support we give them.

Through our support, or our housing, individuals regain positive choice and control over their lives. They make new and better community connections. Many build new friendships, enter employment and develop different interests.

Waymarks is proud to be a not-for-profit organisation. Our approach is evidence-based and our employees are specifically trained to support individuals achieve their outcomes, working as part of a multidisciplinary team. We believe that an inclusive society where people have equal chances to live the life they choose, and be part of a strong network of people and organisations who can demonstrate the right support for a person, makes all the difference.