Get involved

We expect our employees to listen to the people we support, their families and the other agencies involved in their support. We encourage you, where possible, to get involved in your relative’s support. You decide what works best for you.

The Family Charter

Created with families, our charter outlines our commitment to working with you and how you can help us. Covering communication, making decisions, health and well-being and when things go wrong these promises are ingrained in the ways we work with you.

Employees appraisals

Your relative’s support plan shapes employees and team objectives. To help make sure our employees provide good support in the right way, each year we may ask for your feedback for their appraisals. This is an opportunity to compliment their work, or raise any issues you feel need focusing on.

Employee recruitment and matching

If we’re looking for a new member of employee or team to support your relative, you can get involved in employee recruitment or matching.

As well as having the right skills and aptitude, we make sure our support workers connect with the people they support, and have similar interests. This is important to help with building a trusting and productive relationship. To do this, you can get involved in their recruitment. You can help write job descriptions, interview candidates and see how they interact with you and your relative.

This helps to direct who we recruit to support your relative.

Listening, learning and acting meetings

These meetings take place across the country, and are hosted by a Waymarks Board member. To find out how to get involved, contact your Service Manager.

Surveys and newsletters

Every two years we conduct a family survey, which asks questions about the quality of support we’re providing for your relative and how we’re treating you. We use this to strengthen our Family Charter and improve how we work.