New to Waymarks

Against a backdrop of the Transforming Care agenda, Waymarks works to integrate the people we work alongside into their local community through both support and housing. You’ll find that Waymarks people are absolutely committed to the safety and wellbeing of your relative.

Our support is person-centred, intensive (at least initially) and very structured, but relationships with us are not the same as relationships with friends or family. The people we work with need both.

We work with other agencies and, wherever possible, loved ones, to identify how to provide the best support. Everyone has different requirements but everyone Waymarks supports also has complex histories or risky behaviours which frame our approach to support. For many, their time with Waymarks will be their first experience of independent living.

As well as contact with family members at an individual level, we have more formal ways of making sure that families are listened to – through our Family Charter. Waymarks Board members also run “Listening, learning and acting” meetings where we meet with people we work alongside, people we employ and family members to ensure that the voice of families is heard at all levels of the organisation.