Person-centred support

We use an approach called person-centred planning, which puts the people we support at the heart of their support. We use a variety of tools to make sure people can exercise choice and control in their lives.

One Page Profile

Everyone who works at Waymarks or is supported by us has a One Page Profile. This summarises who you are as a person, and we encourage you to create one too. This helps everyone to understand what is important to a person and how we can work well together. It also enables us to match the people we support to the employees who support them.

Planning Live

Working in the context of multiagency requirements, Planning Live gathers everyone involved in supporting someone to create a personalised support plan based on their goals and ambitions.

My Support Plan

Informed by multiagency requirements, My Support Plan helps shape and focus the support we provide to your relative. It outlines what your relative wants from their life and support, and how we can support them best. My Support Plan is regularly updated and used by everyone involved in your relative’s support.

Multi agency reviews

Through multi agency, person-centred reviews, we look at what’s working and not working with your relative’s support, working together to decide how things can improve. We use these reviews to update your relative’s support plan with new developments, goals and needs.