My support

You will have 24-hour, 1:1 (or more) support in your own home, in your local community. In addition to your team of support workers, you will benefit from the Waymarks practice development team, who will help establish your support plan and co-ordinate the various agencies that are involved with you.

We understand that you may have been through a crisis. Through an intensive plan of support, we will get you back on your feet, help you build the confidence to re-engage with your local community, and develop the personal awareness to avoid your personal triggers – safely.

Whether you have come out of hospital, or the care system, Waymarks employees will believe in your potential. We will challenge you, we will help you find ambitions. Over time, as you grow in confidence and demonstrate outcomes to your multiagency team, we aim to reduce your support. Real success, for you, is support-free living. That may sound a long way off right now but together, it is achievable.

Waymarks is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, who make sure everything we do is good. You can read an Easy Read version of their latest inspection report:

Download Care Quality Commission Inspection Report Easy Read – Waymarks