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‘Recovery’ model proving successful

Waymarks News
18 January 2019

In line with the Waymarks model of fading out of someone’s life after 7-10 years, eight of the people Waymarks supports are now assessed as no longer needing the specialist support the charity provides.

With Waymarks’ clinical and operational support, he or she will have challenged and changed his/her own thinking and thought patterns. He or she will have acquired new skills, particularly including the development of empathy, self-awareness in relation to the choices he/she makes as well as accepting accountability for his/her own decisions.

He or she will also have been supported to develop a productive and inclusive social life, and to gain independent living and work skills.

Local authorities are now saving around 85% of the support costs of those individuals, equating to many hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. And they are no longer requiring the precious time of other experts and statutory agencies.

To find out more about how Waymarks works, request a professionals password here. Or give Managing Director Steph Thompson a call: 07710 852595.